Overdevelopment threat to Hanwell Arts & Crafts house

We featured the earlier campaign in Hanwell to save the Arts & Crafts house in Church Road. This campaign was successful. There is now a threat to overdevelop the property’s rear garden with considerable loss of green space and the danger of setting a precedent in a conservation area. This is the information we have received about this new campaign:

THANK YOU very much to the residents who raised 400 objections which stopped a planning application to demolish a 1912 Arts & Crafts house at 178 Church Road, Hanwell W7 3BP to build six flats and two houses in a conservation area.  Objectors included James Murray, MP for Ealing North, Ward Councillors, numerous individuals and groups.  A new application has been filed by the developers Luxegrove Homes and the battle is now on to prevent the rear garden from being replaced with:

  • Two, 8.5m high 4-bed semi-detached houses with bin storage and 6 cycle racks for 14 people

 Could you PLEASE object to this new planning application to prevent:

  • 60% loss of greenery – 18 trees, a 200-foot hedge and shrubs which all mitigate climate change
  • Setting a precedentfor back garden housing in a conservation area and for future builds

The saved Arts & Crafts house facing the road, will be turned into two flats with a rear extension, roof terrace and green roof to house 7 people.  A mix of flats and housing is a gross over development with an odd layout, poorly designed houses and a lack of privacy for the 21 proposed residents and neighbours.


  • The two semi-detached houses do not complement the existing house.  The design is poor, with a crude amalgamation of various traditional elements which lack cohesion and architectural integrity
  • The small gardens are not in keeping with the conservation area which features spacious plots
  • The Hanwell Village Green Conservation Area Appraisal states that “gardens should preferably be maintained” whilst The Mayor’s London Plan, sets out ‘the principle of no net loss of overall green cover’ for new builds. The plot is greenfield, not brownfield land, as stated by the developers
  • The houses are 0.7m from 2 neighbour boundaries – too dense, overbearing and over shadowing
  • Two parking spaces for the houses are sited in front of the flat windows an inconvenient 65m walk  
  • The configuration of the site in co-locating both flats and houses compromises the special character of the Conservation Area, diminishing self-containment, privacy and peace for future residents 


  • Overdevelopment of a long, narrow site to house 21 people is not appropriate in this area
  • Loss of important landscape features and the openness and character of generous plots
  • The rear semi-detached houses are not of an acceptable quality and their design would be out of character with the pattern of development in the area and detrimental to the conservation area
  • Adverse impacts on the amenity of nearby dwellings
  • The benefit of extra housing does not outweigh the harm to the conservation area


Please go to: https:///pam.ealing.gov.uk/online-applications/ and search for 216269FUL.  You can view the ‘Documents’ tab and object on the ‘Comments’ tab.  The deadline is Wednesday 8 DECEMBER 2021.

Contact jeanetteanngrose@yahoo.co.uk for any queries. Thank you – your help is really appreciated!

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