Would like Northfields to become a new Conservation Area? Give your views to the council

Some local residents have put forward a proposal for Northfields to become a new Conservation Area.

The reasoning behind the proposal is that: 

  • Northfields is historically important. It embodies the evolution of Ealing – from its early rural past to its rapid transition in the later 19th/early 20th centuries into a thriving London suburb.
  • Northfields has retained much of its character, with tree-lined streets, largely intact front gardens, and houses and shops with a wide variety of interesting architectural features.
  • However, Northfields is under threat from excessive and unsympathetic development as shown the by the success of recent planning applications, e.g. for Orion Park.
  • Conservation Area status would help to preserve Northfields’ human scale and make it more difficult for developers to destroy its special character.

The Council is now consulting on the proposal. Their consultation document includes a number of questions. The most important ones are whether people favour the creation of a Northfields CA, and, if so, where the boundary should be drawn. 
The proposers are trying to get as many people as possible to take part, so please do take a few minutes to give your views.
The Council has asked that responses to the consultation should be via email to localplan@ealing.gov.uk. As an alternative, they ha ve provided a postal address as follows:
Strategic Planning Economic Growth Division Place Directorate 4th Floor Perceval House14-16 Uxbridge RoadEaling W5 2HL
The consultation closes on Friday, March 18.

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