How to blog.. for Editors..

This is a simple how to document illustrating the simple steps required to publish new content on this blog.

In order to use these steps you will have to have been given a login to the WEN blog by the WEN committee.

Please also note that as this is a web application running on a reasonabley priced web hosting machine, the performance may not be as fast as you’d like between clicks.

1. Navigate to the BLOG –

2. Login – click one of the login buttons

2. Put in your user name and password..

3. Click the Add New link under the posts title.

4. Add your title, content, select a catrgory (e.g. LDF) if appropriate, then hit PUBLISH. Note as shown in the screen shot below I advise you cut and paste your content from say a word document or email into the blog content entry box. 

5. That is it!  Your post has been now published!  Click the Permalink button – or enter the blog link again and you will now see you content.  If you need to edit further simply click the Edit link, shown below:


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