Crisis in social care – a public meeting on Mon 29th Jan 2-4pm at Bakers House 37 The Grove W5

The Crisis in Social Care – a public meeting

Monday 29th January 2-4pm at Bakers House, 37 The Grove, Ealing W5 5DX

The discussion will be led by Eric Leach, researcher in to healthcare, and Mary Lancaster UNISON organiser in the borough. Ealing councillors will be invited.

Further information: SAGE secretary Colin Lomas  07909 896541


Drop in centre for people experiencing mental ill health reopens in purpose built premises in West Ealing

West Ealing Neighbours is delighted that the Solace Centre, the new purpose built drop-in centre for people who have experienced mental ill health, has now re-opened. At one point the centre, the only one of its kind in the borough,  was threatened with closure. But a vigorous campaign by the Centre’s users and others persuaded the Council to change its mind. Credit to the Council for listening and being prepared to involve the Centre’s users in creating the new purpose built premises.


Residents invited to free ‘Improving healthcare in Ealing’ event Tues 20th Sept 3-5pm

Ealing residents invited to  free “Improving healthcare in Ealing“ event

Ealing CCG is holding an engagement event to discuss NHS plans to provide an even better health and care system across North West London.

The NHS would like to hear residents’ views on five key areas it is looking to improve over the next five years:

•         Preventing ill health

•         Long term care

•         Care for people aged over 65

•         Mental health

•         Quality of care

This public meeting is open to all residents of Ealing and will be held on Tuesday 20 September 2016 from 3pm-5pm at Ealing Green Church, London W5 5QT. There will be presentations and an opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas.

Spaces are limited and therefore must be booked in advance. To reserve your place,  email, click here to book on Eventbrite or search ‘Improving healthcare in Ealing’ at

Interested residents can also find more details and an opportunity to express their views at a special website:





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Tfl proposal to extend E8 bus route to West Middlesex Hospital

Tfl has a consulation running for some much-needed changes to the E8 bus route.  The E8 currently runs from Ealing Broadway to Brentford bus depot.  For a variety of reasons, such as increased demand for public transport to West Middlesex Hospital, the proposed new route is from Ealing Broadway to Hounslow taking in the hospital.  All the buses would become double-deckers if this change goes through.

Changes to local bus routes was proposed by WEN some back in 2009 and the need for a direct route to the West Middlesex Hospital was a key factor.  We would still like to see a bus route that crosses north-south over the Lido Junction to link the new Crossrail station at West Ealing with Northfields station and beyond.  Nevertheless, we welcome this proposal and if anyone wants to read more about the E8 and other proposed bus route changes or comment on them the link is here.


Seven day GP access for Ealing Patients

I thought this was worth publicising.  The whole question of whether or not Ealing Hospital’s A&E dept remains is highly charged.  My own experience of Ealing Hospital A&E earlier this year was excellent but it makes sense to try to encourage people to use a GP service for straightforward problems and take pressure off A&E.

Seven day GP access for Ealing patients

Ealing residents are now able to access GP services 7 days a week, thanks to a new service launched by NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

People who feel unwell on Saturdays and Sundays should call NHS 111 for medical help and advice. If the trained 111 adviser thinks they need to see a GP, they will be directed to the nearest open practice.

The GP weekend opening service is an alternative to A&E for people with non-life threatening illnesses or injuries. GP practices are working as local groups to offer this service, with practices taking turns to open at weekends.

Dr Mohini Parmar, chair at Ealing CCG said: “We have introduced this service as part of our drive to encourage people to use the correct service for their need.

“We know that many patients attend A&E when their GP practice is closed, even if they don’t have a life-threatening illness.

“We want to encourage patients to be seen in primary care for non-life threatening illnesses, so hospital services can prioritise those who are seriously sick or injured.

“We hope that if people feel they need to see a GP over the weekend they will call 111 in the first instance and go to one of the local GP practices, rather than going to A&E with an illness or injury that can be treated by a GP or pharmacist.”

The new service is part of Ealing CCG’s out of hospital strategy, which aims to bring care closer to home and into a local, more familiar environment for the benefit of the patients.

Using this service will not affect your registration at your own GP practice.  If you are not registered with a GP, you can still call 111 and they will help you access the right service for your needs.

Calls to 111 are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are free from landline and mobile phones.

Have your say on where to site the new West Ealing Crossrail station


WECNF Station Options JUNE 2014

Crossrail is likely to help transform West Ealing for decades to come. One key decision yet to be taken is where on Manor Road to site the new station. If this matters to you then you can hear the arguments and have your say at the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum meeting at the Drayton Court Hotel on 17th June at 7.30pm. WECNF wants to hear from as many people as possible to help decide on its recommendations to Crossrail for siting the new station.
Three main possibilities have been discussed as to where on Manor Road the station could go:
1. Near to the junction of Manor Road and Drayton Green Road.
• Most important and visible location
• Least impact on Manor Road and the Draytons
• Difficulty in providing drop-off/pick-up area
• May cause increased traffic congestion
• Loss of existing businesses on site
• Difficulty in providing step free access

2. 150 metres along Manor Road with pedestrian bridge to Waitrose car park
• Facilitates drop-off/pick-up area in Manor Road
• Access to Broadway via Green Man Lane Passage
• Height difference between platform and station
• Retail/residential opportunities in Manor Road
• Increased impact on Manor Road and the Draytons
• Disadvantages shops in The Avenue
• Requires changes to Waitrose car park
3. At western end of Manor Road with access to Jacob’s Ladder footbridge
• Minimal impact on existing businesses
• Facilitates drop-off/pick-up area in Manor Road
• Supports major refurbishment of Jacob’s Ladder
• Good pedestrian access to Broadway shops
• Retail/residential opportunities in Manor Road
• Poor access to existing bus routes
• Least prominent and visible location
• Increased impact on Manor Road and the Draytons
• Disadvantages shops in The Avenue
You can contact WECNF via their website www,

Meeting tonight about plans for Crossrail at West Ealing

Public Meeting at the Drayton Court Hotel on Tuesday 22nd April at 7.30pm.

  • Trains 200 metres long
  • Carrying up to 1500 passengers
  • New station in Manor Road
  • Up and running by 2019
  • 14 minutes to Bond Street, 21 minutes to Liverpool Street, 28 minutes to Canary Wharf


  • What are the plans for the new station and its surrounding area?
  • What arrangements for taxis, cyclists and to  drop-off?
  • What are the plans for buses?


Come along and find out more from representtaives of Crossrail, Ealing Council, West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum and the newly created West Ealing Business Improvement District.








Still more primary schools needed in West Ealing

Thanks to Eric Leach for his research in to the Council’s plans for school places in the borough. The Council’s schools planning document is out for consultation as part of its Local Plan. The Local Plan is the Council’s blueprint for how an area will develop over the next 15 years.  The schools  document talks of birth rates rising by an average of 20% across Ealing between 2003 and 2012. It projects a shortfall of 435 primary school pupil places and 630 secondary school pupil places by September 2015.

As has been well publicised, the Council has plans to expand nearly all local primary schools.  In addition to expanding existing primary schools, the Council stated at a recent consultation for St John’s Primary School that a new primary school will be needed in West Ealing come 2017/8. The document lists two possible sites for new primary schools – the BT telephone exchange in Gordon Road and Orion Park,Northfield Avenue.

This and other Local Plan documents can be viewed at main libraries including West Ealing Library.

Apply now for next round of the alley-gating scheme

I know there can often be problems with back alleys being used by burglars or just being used as a dumping ground for rubbish so I thought I’d pass on the details of the Council’s alley-gating scheme. In an advert in today’s Gazette it says that residents can apply to have alleys gated by the Council. Applications can be made from 1st to 30th August and you contact the safer communites team on 020 8825 7757 or email them at



More doctors needed for West Ealing

Sitting in the Grosvenor House Surgery in West Ealing yesterday morning I was struck by just how busy it was.  I’m not there all that often but often enough to know this was a very busy morning. Yes, maybe a Monday morning is always busy, but it felt more than that. The surgery was packed with people of all ages and more kept coming in and we had to shuffle round for new arivals to find anywhere to sit. If it’s as busy as this now what will it be like in a few years time when the Green Man Lane Estate development is complete and the population on it has increased from around 800 to some 2,000? Grosvenor House is the nearest surgery so surely most residents will look to register with it?

I looked up the 95-page document on the Green Man Lane Estate development that went to the planning committee on 1st September 2010 and it had this to say about healthcare provision:

  1. Education and Health There are currently 41 GPs working within 800m of the Site and it has been confirmed that all are registering new patients.  The development scheme will introduce 242 new households (approximately 1,250+ people) with a mix of age groups, which will require a range of medical facilities. The PCT’s preference for addressing the impacts of the development is to secure a monetary contribution for improved equipment/ facilities; and consequently the applicant has agreed to a clause within the S106 agreement contributing towards the borough’s health facilities.

Further on I found this:

a)    A contribution of £190,000 by the developer towards the improvement of healthcare provision in the local area;

So, if I’ve got it right, the developers pay £190,00 to the Primary Care Trust to address the impact on primary healthcare of some 1200 new residents. Since then, of course, PCT’s are soon to be abolished and replaced by the Clinical Commissioning Groups – in our case, a group of Ealing GPs will be responsible for designing and provisioning local health and care services (more details on this here).

Residents will soon start moving in to Phase 1 of the development and the whole development will take about 8 years to complete. That sounds like there’s lots of time but in a few years there will probably be hundreds of new residents already living there and needing a GP.  So it feels like planning needs to be underway now to increase the number of GPs and other healthcare services.  My next step is going to be to contact the Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group to find out what’s happening with the planning. I’ll post my findings as soon as I hear back.