Reclaiming neglected green spaces

West Ealing Neighbours has been working with Ealing Council to get together groups of local residents willing to volunteer to help rescue three neglected green spaces. These are in:

  • Seaford Road/Leeland Terrace
  • Eccleston Road/Singapore Road
  • Alexandria Road

There has been a great local response and work has begun on all three areas. The Seaford Road group (above photo) has put together its ideas and come up with an imaginative design that makes great use of the space. The Eccleston Road group has now cleared this neglected corner and are working on designs. The third group has made an enthusiastic start and cleared all the rubbish and ivy from the area just to the left of the entrance to Waitrose and are well on the way with their plan.

Once all the plans have been completed and given the green light by the Council (as the spaces are all their land), the volunteers will be able to get going with the transformation of each space. Quite a lot of the resources needed to set up each site can be acquired for free – logs, pavers and old tyres to be used as planters and so on. However, there will be some items that we will need to buy such as plants, shrubs, small fruit trees and landscaping materials. West Ealing Neighbours will be looking at possible grants and other sources of funding to cover these set up costs.