WEN Committee meetings

Action notes from West Ealing Neighbours (virtual) committee meeting on Thursday 4th June 2020

Andrew Cazalet

Renato Fornaroli

David Highton

Jane Humphrey

Eric Leach

Catherine Patterson

1.Dean Gardens

If the TfL funding ceases for the redesign of Dean Gardens the following are our priorities for any future work:

Plant new trees to replace those cut down

Plant up flower beds

Better lighting

Keep children’s playground

Keep railings

Re-align cycle path to make it easier at entrance and exit

2. Planning applications

David has asked for WEN to go on the new list of groups to be informed of local applications

Seems possible that Cllr Peter Mason has told the owner of Chignell Place that their plans to develop it will not be approved.

Gurnell application has now been put on Council website 201695FUL.

Some signs that the next Ealing Local Plan due in 2022 may be a bit more resident friendly than the first one

3. Accounts and surplus

Andy circulated the draft accounts which show a surplus of £4037.50. Andy suggested we use £2500 of this surplus to support organisations in need during the Covid 19 crisis – such as care homes. Meeting agreed to put forward ideas to David who will produce a list of possibilities for the committee to decide from. Ideas suggested:

Residents/staff of care homes

Residents of sheltered accommodation eg music or entertainment

Organisations helping people suffering from domestic violence eg Advance Domestic Violence Service

David will write an annual report of WEN activity for 2019 to send out to members with the accounts.

4. AGM and committee members

As it’s not possible to hold an AGM this year the committee members present all agreed to continue for another year. David said this will be his last year as chair. This allows some 10 months or so to find and agree a new chair to be put to the AGM in spring 2021.

5. West Ealing Library

Some work happening at rear to create office space for Ealing CVS. No date for when libraries will re-open.

6. Covid 19 matters

Maybe be temporary cycle lanes along the Uxbridge Road.

7. Ealing Local Plan

Due in 2022. Housing targets for current plan have been completely ignored across the borough so want to see new targets and plan being followed this time. Some widely varying figures for how many people live in Ealing with Council figures of about 360,00 whilst patients registered at Ealing GPs are 441,000.

A video by Red Block Rebels about the large number of tall towers in Ealing already built, being built and planned to be built has been viewed some 4200 times.

Agreed that Eric should continue to represent WEN on Ealing Matters.

8. Magistrates court lights

The lights are on 24/7 and disturb residents of the Hopley House sheltered accommodation. Eric will draft a letter from WEN to ask for the light to be turned off at night.

9. Warren Farm

QPR pulled out of deal and Hanwell Nature negotiating with Council to get its legal costs paid. During the various campaigns to stop the plans for Warren Farm £84,000 was raised from the public to cover campaign costs.

10. Victoria Hall

The Charity Commission ruling with its list of changes needed to the Council’s plan to lease much of the Town Hall to Mastcraft for an hotel are likely to make it unacceptable to Mastcraft. We need to wait for the Council’s response to the Charity Commission.

11 AOB

Renato raised the problem of drug dealing and drug use around Hatfield Road. He and a neighbours have put a gate in the alleyway next to his house which they hope will deter people going down it. There is still a problem with drug paraphernalia being left on a piece of nearby land.

Also worth noting that there are plans to redevelop the old motorbike shop on the corner of Hatfield Rd and Grosvenor Rd.


5th June 2020