Armed robbery attempt at Barclays Bank West Ealing

There was an attempted armed robbery at Barclays Bank in West Ealing this afternoon at around 3pm. I happened to be walking along Leeland Terrace at the time and heard then saw police cars and vans hurtling along the Uxbridge Road. Some turned down Leeland Terrace and the others carried on along the Uxbridge Road.

I believe there were three robbers and, according to an eye witness, customers at the bank tackled one of the robbers and sat on him until the police arrived. Again, according to an eye witness, this man had two guns on him.  I can’t verify any of the details yet but will update the story when we have more information.

Update on Thursday morning

A bit more detail coming out. Seems it was three robbers.Two got away and the third was tackled by a bank customer as he left the bank and in doing so some of the money was scattered on the pavement at the top of Leeland Road!  Talk of £8000 being stolen. The third robber was held until the police arrived.

I understand a man has now been arrested (after being detained at the scene) and charged.

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    1. There’s always something happening in West Ealing – good or bad! I was in Lidl earlier this week and witnessed an altercation/assault at the front of the shop in which one person was left bleeding from his head. The police came but a lot of people, including children, witnessed it.

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