CCTV cameras being installed in Dean Gardens

I walk through Dean Gardens to OPEN Ealing most days and have watched the gradual installation of three CCTV cameras. The cameras are part of the response to the anti-social behaviour problems that have affected Dean Gardens over the last few years: street drinkers in daylight hours and an eclectic mix of people from across the borough at night. It’s particularly been the night time occupants who have been a major problem. I’m told the CCTV cameras are good enough to ‘see’ at night and, indeed, have spotlights that can be shined on people if necessary.

Before the decision was made to install CCTV cameras there were discussions about other options including additional streetlighting style lights, pieces of public art using light features and closing the park at night. In the end, CCTV was chosen and I hope it proves effective. It does, however, tackle the symptoms and not the causes. Dealing with the drink and drug problems and housing must surely be part of any long-term solution but that costs serious money and that is not likely to be found at times of severe cutbacks.




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