One shop closes and another one opens – noodle bar coming to West Ealing


Sad to see the end of Blockbuster. It’s now closed down and we await to see what comes in its place.  The betting seems to be on Morrisons. I’m trying to get this confirmed but no luck so far. A few streets away in Leeland Road I saw a sign on an empty cafe announcing the arrival of a noodle bar. It’s taking over Joey’s cafe next to the Salvation Army hall. I can’t remember a previous noodle bar in West Ealing so it will be intertesting to see how it does. I wish it well.

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  1. Now that David Beckham has declared his love for noodles to China and the world this place is bound to succeed. I support my local Chinese restaurant occasionally but they don’t do big bowl noodle soups. If this place does, and they’re good, I’ll definitely go there.

  2. Anything vaguely related to Beckham gets a thumbs down from me. Can’t tackle, can’t head a ball, has no pace, can’t dribble and thought his ‘image’ was more important that Man U’s ‘image’. I could go on…..

    Manchester ‘Boy’

  3. I can’t see Morrisons opening another store a few hundred yards away from one they’ve only just opened, along with a superstore in Ealing but who knows? A noodle bar is a great addition, though, I think Ealing in general punches above its weight on food outlets so lets hope this carries on that tradition.

  4. Whilst Morrisons has not yet confirmed which Blockbuster stores it has purchased, it has published a map for Investors. showing locations in London and the South East where it has plans to open Local stores. Almost hidden under the new store in Uxbridge Rd a little to the west is a proposed store, which is very likely the West Ealing Blockbuster unit.

  5. Hello guys, i can confirm that the blockbuster store will be a morrisons i worked there during the closure and we recieved a letter from head office stating that they are working closely with morrisons to ensure us jobs as it would be turning into a morrisons store.

    Keeping anon just incase …

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