St James Church in West Ealing to close after 100 years

After over a century, St James Church in West Ealing is closing its doors – this time for good. It was closed down for a period some years ago. I can remember it boarded up and with broken windows. This time though it looks like its closing for good. Services stop this month and classes in the church hall are coming to an end as well.  It looks like a combination of a dwindling congregation and the cost of the church’s upkeep . St James along with St John in Mattock Lane make up one of the Church of England parishes.

It’s been a feature of the local community for over 100 years and we now await a decision by the church authorities as to what next for this building. West Ealing Neighbours and other local groups would dearly love it to become a community venue. It could host a wide range of activities for all age groups from a space for older residents to meet and socialise to a vibrant space for teenagers in the evenings. Alongside these uses it could be a space for live performances, music rehearsal,  and a temporary gallery for the artists and craftspeople who will occupy the second floor of the nearby co-working hub Ealing Works due to open in St James Ave later this year.

No decision is likely until early next year.  We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Wow! The community venue would be a fabulous idea and I’d be absolutely behind it if the numbers stacked up..Regrettably,, if I were a betting man, my money would be on another apartment conversion. But there’s always hope!

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have just learned that St’ James Church in London W13 9BY, is Closing, Please I need to know about the Church, also we are Church of East our church called St’ Marry which in Hanwell Broadway. it is very small to our congregations, we have new Bishops been ordained he want to have view the church and we have interest, we are looking for church to own either way, if it is passible to contact me on 07947458780 I am Eddie. I represent Bishops in his inquiries and in Church Buildings,we urgently need your help please.

    1. I think your best step is to contact Rev Mark Melluish at St John’s Church in Mattock Lane as he has some responsibility for St James Church

  3. Dear David
    My apology for late reply, and thank you for information given, Please do you have contact of Rev- Mark Melluish of the St John’s Church? If so I would be grateful if you can pass them to me.

    Kind regards

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