Final plans submitted for BHS site in West Ealing – 10 storeys, 136 flats and ground floor retail space

The planning application for the BHS site (104-110 Broadway) has been submitted.  As you’d expect it’s a long and detailed document with a lot of technical information which needs careful study.

At first glance the essential details seem to be:

  • About 1200 sq metres of retail space on the ground floor which could include a cafe
  • 136 flats with 50 x 1-bed; 75 x 2-bed; 11 x 3-bed
  • Of the 136 flats 72% will be for private sale; 28% (38 units) will be affordable with 22 for rent and 16 for shared ownership
  • The height will vary.  From the drawings it looks to be retail plus 6 floors at The Broadway end and retail plus 10 floors at the Singapore Road end.
  • The building will get its heating from the Green Man Lane district heating system
  • It is a car free development
  • The developers are actively looking to acquire a nearby site to create a comprehensive plan for the area
  • 226 cycle spaces
  • The Section 106 contribution to the Council has yet to be decided – this is money to be used to compensate for the additional pressure on schools, doctors’ surgeries, public transport etc
  • The development will be called The Appleton to reflect the area’s history with fruit orchards in Victorian times

You can find the full details on the Council’s website and comments need to be in by 1st January 2016.





West Ealing – New Crossrail Station Revealed

The new glass and steel structure will be located on Manor Road and will include a new footbridge with lifts, a new bay platform for trains on the Greenford  branch line, platform extensions and new lighting, customer information screens, station signage, help points and CCTV. From 2018 the new Crossrail trains will begin serving West Ealing and from 2019 passengers will be able to travel through the new Crossrail tunnels beneath central London.

Work will start in the Spring of 2016 and take about a year to complete.


Update on plans for Crossrail on Tuesday 7th July WECNF meeting 7.30pm

The West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum is holding its  2015 Annual General Meeting at the Drayton Court Hotel on Tuesday 7th July 2015 commencing at 7:30pm. All visitors welcome.

The keynote presentation will be ‘The Future for West Ealing Centre’, which will describe the status of WECNF’s Neighbourhood Plan.

There will also be an update on what we know about West Ealing Crossrail. A new WECNF Management Committee will be elected at the meeting.

Full details are here

What sort of shopping centre do we want for West Ealing and how do we get it?

I went to a talk on the future of high streets at last night’s Ealing Business Forum.  The speaker was Bill Grimsey and he has a strong track record of running high- street chains including Iceland and Wickes amongst others. He’s an interesting character as he is now retired and has spent most of his retirement arguing for a radical re-think in how we should use our high streets. He believes the traditional retail led high street is dead on its feet and needs to be replaced with a new vision where housing, leisure, health, entertainment and community services and activities take over from empty shops and an excess of betting shops and payday loan shops.  West Ealing Neighbours has raised these issues a number of times over the past years as we have seen ever more betting shops, loan shops and their like come in to the West Ealing shopping centre. What was interesting about last night’s talk was  to hear the argument in more detail.  Whether or not you agree with Mr Grimsey’s view is for each to decide but what seems important to me is to get the issues aired and discussed. A key element of his argument is that despite the importance of the retail sector, with a turnover greater than even the health budget, the future of our high streets is unlikely to appear in any political manifesto in this year’s election.

So, looking at some of his key points:

  • The UK retail sector has a bigger turnover than health, education or defence
  • High streets are a more reliable measure of the economy than economists’ forecasts
  • High streets have seen an increase in betting shops, payday loan shops, convenience stores and fast dood outlets
  • Rapid growth of online shopping is irreversible and will mean major changes in the way supermarkets operate with the decline of the large out-of-town stores and an increase in local convenience stores for people to top up on their online shopping
  • A great opportunity for fresh and local food outlets – ‘ fresh food emporiums’ – selling products which can not easily be provided by the large supermarkets in store or online
  • Shops with no stock will be a feature of new high streets.  Take fashion , you’ll be able to try out clothes in a virtual world and then order what you want.  This may even mean manufacturing comes back to the UK as clothes made on demand rather than imported in bulk on spec from all across the world.
  • Could Amazon start to sell food and would it mean even cheaper prices?
  • Abolish business rates for small independent retailers.  The revenue from these is about 6% of the total.

As I said, whether or not you agree with Bill Grimsey his views are informed by 40 years of retail experience and are well worth thinking about.  In many ways, here in London and the south east we haven’t seen anything like the average 14% level of vacant shops that many other towns and cities have experienced but his arguments are just as valid. For who hasn’t been aware of the incease in betting shops, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and convenience stores in and around West Ealing.

Bill Grimsey’s closing point is that every town needs a plan for the future of its high streets.  Without a plan it’s all left to market forces and failed attempts to fill unwanted space.  I know the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum has this on its radar for its plan for the centre of West Ealing. The future nature of our shopping centre is something that should concern every one of us.

There is much more to his arguments than I’ve been able to capture in this post.  You can find out more on his website





Pilot business hub launched in West Ealing

Having been involved in the initial feasibility study for a business hub in West Ealing I was delighted to go to last night’s launch of  Ealing Blueprint – a pilot business hub working with the Chat and Meet coffee shop. Ealing Blueprint will run a free hub in the heart of West Ealing for a five month period from 4 February 2015 to test the hub model. I think this has great potential for West Ealing.  Here’s a bit of background from Blueprint’s website:

‘The Ealing Blueprint business hub is inspired by the success of coworking spaces in central London, and will enable entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers or start-ups to work alongside one another in a collaborative atmosphere. Creative people can work flexibly in a modern and stimulating environment where ideas can be shared and enterprises thrive. Working independently should not mean working alone.

Located in West Ealing, a 3-minute walk from West Ealing station and many bus routes, the business hub is easy to access. Within the shared working space is Chat & Meet a coffee shop that will manage the hub on a day-to-day basis and will provide the opportunity to grab a coffee and have a chat with those around you. ‘

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30am to 5.30pm (4 February – 27 June 2015)
Location: Chat & Meet @ Ealing Blueprint, 13 Drayton Green Road, West Ealing, London W13 0NG

Last night’s meeting was also the first anniversary of the Ealing Business Forum which invited high-street expert Bill Grimsey to give his views on the future of high streets in the 21st century. I greatly enjoyed his talk and it offered some compelling arguments for a radical new approach to how we should use our high streets.  I’ll put the highlights from his talk in a separate post.

Green Man Lane Estate – exhibition of plans for next phase with new school

The regeneration of the Green Man Lane Estate is one of the most important developments in West Ealing for a generation.  Here’s your chance to see plans for the next phase which will deliver 92 new homes, a new school for St John’s and new community facilities.


GML exhibition


Date: Tuesday 21 October 2014

Time: 3.30-7.30pm

Venue: Jubilee Hall, Green Man Gardens, W13 0SE

Purpose: To show visitors how the St John’s Primary School site will be developed to deliver 92 new homes, a replacement school and replacement community facilities including a Multi-Use Games Area. Representatives from Rydon, A2Dominion and Conran & Partners will be on hand to discuss the proposals.

West Ealing businesses vote yes to spending £1m to improve West Ealing

West Ealing businesses have voted ‘yes’ to setting up a Business Improvement District in West Ealing. A BID has been operating in Ealing Broadway for some years and their BID team worked long and hard to persuade West Ealing’s traders to follow their lead.  The idea behind a BID is for businesses in the area to contribute about a 1% levy on their rateable value to the BID which then uses that money on projects to improve and promote the area  – safety, marketing and promotion, special events and so on.  Over the West Ealing BID’s initial five years the amount raised by this levy will be £1 million.  Sarah Evans of Waitrose is currently the chair elect of the West Ealing BID and other businesses will be represented on its board of directors.

I’ve said this before but it feels increasingly to me that West Ealing is changing, partly driven by Crossrail, and we wish the West Ealing BID every success in playing its part in improving West Ealing.

There’s more about this story of the Ealing Today website 

( On the same theme I’m trying to find out what was said about plans for The Grosvenor pub at last night’s meeting with the owners. The essence of the plan is to turn this once run -down pub in to a gastro pub)



Something different as the Ealing Pop Up Shop comes to West Ealing

Ealing Pop Up Shop

I seem to be taking photos of a lot of shop fronts recently. Here’s another one.  This time it’s the shop next to the new Morrisons, near the corner with St James Ave, which will be a pop up shop for the next few months.  The plan is to offer the shop at low cost to a range of people or groups to sell their products for a trial period. A competition has been run and decisions will be made next week. I believe the first group to take it on will be the winners of a Dragon’s Den type event at the nearby Westside Youth Centre. They will be selling urban clothes.  Watch this blog for more news on this shop as we get it.

I think it’s a great idea to give local people and businesses a chance to try out their ideas at a low risk and bring something new and different to our high street.


All very quiet as new hotel submits plans to increase it to 5 storeys

It’s been a little hard to keep track of the hotel plans but a new planning application has been submitted to increase it from 3 to 5 storeys and to 75 bedrooms. The hotel is planned to be a Holiday Inn Express. Local butcher Tony Luckhurst is still due to return to a groundfloor shop on his old site in Melbourne Avenue and the Betfred betting shop will still be on the ground floor at the front of the building.When Tony will be able to return looks to be an open question. What puzzles me is the stop/start nature of the building works.  I would have thought they would be cracking on with the work as quickly as possible but every now and then the site goes quiet and there’s no one to be seen. Maybe having to go back for permission to increase the size of the hotel is the reason for the delay but it would be good to see the work progressing on this important site.





97p shop set to open in West Ealing


I’ve been wondering what was happening to the old Miss London shop which has been empty for months. It occupies a prime site on the corner of the Uxbridge Road and Singapore Road. Now I know, it’s going to be a 97p shop and will sell alcohol along with its many other products.

We seem to be battling against a tide of betting shops, money lending shops and 99p or, in this case, 97p shops.  The West Ealing shopping centre needs a balance so that our high street isn’t simply defined by budget shopping.  Otherwise, a whole swathe of local residents have little reason to shop locally and their money goes out of the local economy. We need to find a way to strike a balance and I just don’t think it can be just left to market forces.