Stabbing at West Ealing bus stop

According to a story on the Ealing Today website, a fight this morning at the bus stop outside The Gym (old Daniels building) led to one man being stabbed. It doesn’t sound life threatening fortunately. The police have increased foot patrols in the area. Unfortunately, there has been a run of serious incidents in West Ealing over the past months with the most recent – a fight between two gangs – just before Christmas. The whole question of local law and order will be looked at in WEN’s January newsletter which will be published on Friday and will be on our website from then.

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  1. The level of violence is getting a bit ridiculous.
    I did see a Policeman walking on Leeland Terrace this morning wearing full on Custodian Helmet, something I haven’t seen for quite sometime.
    Hope to see more!

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