2010 LDF Public Consultation Splutters Into Life

Vice-Chair of West Ealing Neighbours, Eric Leach has found the consultation for Ealing’s Local Development Framework, but some key documents appear to be issing.

On the Council’s web site click on ‘Consultations’ and then click on ‘Current Consultations’ and then on ‘Local Development Framework’ and you’ll find the 2010 LDF consultation information and documents. Here’s a direct link.

There are lots of documents listed including 3 or maybe 4 response forms.

A quick glance at the document titles suggests that the Infrastructure Delivery Plan is missing. It could be hidden in the Development Strategy document I suppose, but it’s a bit of a worry.

Not all the documents listed are downloadable – because they are not available. How the Council can justify a start date of today when maps for Green Space and Nature Conservation and background papers on Demography, Housing, and Green Space are all unavailable on-line is breathtaking.

The consultation period is six weeks for some stuff (1 November) and 10 weeks for the rest of the stuff (30 November).

Today’s Ealing Gazette carries a Public Notice from Ealing Council telling us all about the LDF Consultation. It tells us that all the documents can be inspected at Perceval House and at all the Ealing Libraries as of today. Copies are even been carried round St Bernard’s Hospital on trolleys(!) The Notice does actually mention the Infrastructure Delivery Plan – so maybe it only exists in hard copy form. If you want your own hard copies of the documents as in 2009 you’ll have to pay for them. But the Council’s Public Notice doesn’t tell us the price. Interestingly enough the notice also informs us that the ‘Regeneration Team’ has been renamed the ‘Economic Regeneration Team’. So for those of you who were looking for cultural regeneration, social regeneration, housing regeneration, community regeneration, retail regeneration or even local democracy regeneration you need to find a different team or maybe even a different town.

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  1. Dear Planning Inspector and Eric, This team have changed their name to Economic Regeneration Team.
    It should have been changed to the Historic Regeneration Team.
    Why? In the statutory notice that tells us about the consultation and the location of the docs they seem to have unwittingly opened a psychiatric hospital (St Bernard’s) that closed 20 years? ago in order to fill a trolley full of LDF documents. Pity there are no longer any patients to read them. Hence the expression “off your trolley”.
    The future of Ealing is in the hands of these people. Heaven help us. On a more serious note… This reference to a fictionary hospital appeared in a statutory notice which by law has to be accurate in every detail otherwise it would be deemed to be null and void. The corrected version should now be published forthwith. This lot are the real Ealing Comedy and we are paying them fat salaries. We must be mad! Do they know something that we don’t?

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