The Bees have finally arrived at Walmer Gardens!

For those of you who have been keeping up to date with WEN Abundance activities you will know that we have taken the renovation of on a small orchard in Walmer Gardens W13. We cleared it and pruned the trees over January/February (ably managed by The London Orchard Project)  Ealing Transition have the rear part of the orchard where the pond is for their first bee hive and on Saturday around 15,000 bees finally arrived in their new home.  The crew donned suitable clothes before opening the box to let them into their new home.  Needless to say once I had taken a picture of this I scarpered! Pictures of the event below.

Look out for more news when the Elderflower season starts towards June!

2 Replies to “The Bees have finally arrived at Walmer Gardens!”

  1. Blimey – so this is how you start a bee colony! An ikea flat-pack home and some mail-order bees!!! Or was there a bit more to it than that – did you have to butter their paws?

  2. Sarah was smoking them out! I think there is a lot more to it – they have all been on a bee keeping course and have rotas in place to look after them. Plenty of space for more. The Orchard was looking rather lovely, I was picturing our summer picnic there (away form the bees of course!)

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