Supt Andy Rowell breaks down over Ealing Riots

At tonight’s special Council meeting myself, Gill and Allison witnessed Superintendent Andy Rowell, Borough Commander tell his side of the story…

Many questions have been asked about Police presence on the night of the riots and there have been criticisms too. What many people wouldn’t have even contemplated is that there were only 35 officers in Ealing Broadway on the night of the riots. Pleas for more assistance via the Resourcing Centre were met with ‘no resources are available’. Having already sent 37 of his specially trained officers to alternative London locations Supt Andy Rowell was unable to retrieve them to handle the ensuing riots on his own patch.

Supt Andy Rowell broke down when he re-told how the events of the night played out and how his officers were severely outnumbered attempting to deal with around 200 rioters in Bond Street alone.  No riot shields, no helmets, no special uniform – nothing.

After listening to this compelling account of the Ealing riots spontaneous applause broke out amongst the chamber and for those of us sitting watching the live video link.


After the riots – What future for West Ealing Traders?

Walking along West Ealing Broadway this afternoon at the closed, boarded up shops I wonder if they will ever re-open?

Seba Electronics is a small family run business trading in the area for some 40 years; all their stock stolen in one night.  Goldmine is the same. And whilst Blockbuster is no small independent it has a role to play on the corner of St James Avenue, an area well known to the Police for drug dealing. With Blockbuster on one corner and Farah now on the other this area was looking partially revitalised. There are also plans in place for a monthly craft market here starting in the Autumn, specifically placed in St James to help with this problem.

On a brighter note I went into Luckhurts and bought some fine quality meat at great prices – support your local traders in these difficult times.

Seba Electronics - the morning after the riots
Blockbuster West Ealing - The morning after the riots

Can’t sleep at 2.10am – Riots in West Ealing email exchange



I agree about having a public meeting.

I can’t relax either.

I can’t compare this to anything that has happened in the whole of my life.

Surely troops will have to be deployed soon if this is repeated later today.

Anger? Just who do we get angry with? The government. The previous government. The Police. Ourselves – for allowing things to get in this kind of mess.

I guess the bankers will still get their £million bonuses.


PS I’m 67 today – it’s going to be a low key birthday


There is a police presence now, so that is good. People are still making their way past them.  Some of them caught buses and carried their goods away with them.   The problem with this situation is that I don’t know what’s happening just a few buildings down the road so can’t relax and go to bed. Can we have a public meeting in support of the local people? It is all right for some for the youth to be angry, yet what about people like us? How do we get to express our anger?

Talking about Ealing on the news now.


Yes awake.

Tesco Express is (or was) on the north east corner of Haven Green.

Sad to say I’ve been predicting rots in the streets for a while but in my wildest dreams I never expected this.

Very very worrying.

Take care  – you are much nearer to this than I am. I spoke to my son near you to stay indoors.



Hi, Eric. Are you awake and following what’s going on on the high street? Several hours ago bunches of police cars were flying past, mainly towards the east. But once the hordes started coming down the roads carrying their goods from Blockbuster etc and since – a couple of hours now, I don’t know if there is a police presence in West Ealing or not. Now the Panasonic shop has been ransacked. There still seem to be young guys turning up in the side streets, covering their faces and then heading onto the main street or easy pickings. I would just like to know if there are any police in West Ealing. I haven’t bothered phoning anyone because what’s the use. Just keeping a lookout for break-ins and fires nearby.
Tesco Express Ealing Broaway gone. Where’s that? Think I saw some of the kids carrying bottles past mine. ONLY 5 POLICE ON SCENE IN EALING!!!!