Can’t sleep at 2.10am – Riots in West Ealing email exchange



I agree about having a public meeting.

I can’t relax either.

I can’t compare this to anything that has happened in the whole of my life.

Surely troops will have to be deployed soon if this is repeated later today.

Anger? Just who do we get angry with? The government. The previous government. The Police. Ourselves – for allowing things to get in this kind of mess.

I guess the bankers will still get their £million bonuses.


PS I’m 67 today – it’s going to be a low key birthday


There is a police presence now, so that is good. People are still making their way past them.  Some of them caught buses and carried their goods away with them.   The problem with this situation is that I don’t know what’s happening just a few buildings down the road so can’t relax and go to bed. Can we have a public meeting in support of the local people? It is all right for some for the youth to be angry, yet what about people like us? How do we get to express our anger?

Talking about Ealing on the news now.


Yes awake.

Tesco Express is (or was) on the north east corner of Haven Green.

Sad to say I’ve been predicting rots in the streets for a while but in my wildest dreams I never expected this.

Very very worrying.

Take care  – you are much nearer to this than I am. I spoke to my son near you to stay indoors.



Hi, Eric. Are you awake and following what’s going on on the high street? Several hours ago bunches of police cars were flying past, mainly towards the east. But once the hordes started coming down the roads carrying their goods from Blockbuster etc and since – a couple of hours now, I don’t know if there is a police presence in West Ealing or not. Now the Panasonic shop has been ransacked. There still seem to be young guys turning up in the side streets, covering their faces and then heading onto the main street or easy pickings. I would just like to know if there are any police in West Ealing. I haven’t bothered phoning anyone because what’s the use. Just keeping a lookout for break-ins and fires nearby.
Tesco Express Ealing Broaway gone. Where’s that? Think I saw some of the kids carrying bottles past mine. ONLY 5 POLICE ON SCENE IN EALING!!!!

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  1. Yes couldn’t sleep either last night – i’m on Grange Road and had to close the windows because the smoke was coming in. I agree with a resident’s meeting. Sounds like these idiots are coming from outside but we need to show a united front and know that people are on the lookout.

    Reassuring police presence at EB today but worries me that shops are being asked to close again. I can’t deal with another night of this – it’s just horrible.


  2. Yes, a public meeting would help. Sky News has just reported that businesses in Ealing have been warned of more problems tonight (Tuesday). Can we hold a meeting in the streets and get enough good people on the streets at the right time to make sure that looters realise they can’t attack our local businesses?

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