Ealing Council ‘Responds’ To Residents – But Doesn’t Tell Them About It for Months

Vice-Chair of West Ealing Neighbours, Eric Leach has more on Ealing’s Local Development Framework.

Good sleuthing by Judy Breens of Kingsdown Resident’s Association has discovered the existence of a document probably no Ealing residents knew existed. It is called ‘Statement of Representation Second Edition: Published April 16th 2010’. You can view this document at www.ealing.gov.uk/planpol – then click on ‘Local Development Framework’ and then ‘Consultation’ and then ‘Previous Consultation’. (‘Around Ealing’, August 2010 provided the latter link information).

This newly discovered document is based around the heavily précised collection of the 60 responses to the September/October 2009 LDF Core Strategy Public Consultation. Inserted into this document are Ealing Council responses to pubic feedback. The vast majority of the feedback is regurgitated town planning/regeneration ‘speak’ which peppered the original Core Strategy. But at least it’s an attempt at a response.

What is depressing is that Ealing Council didn’t see fit to send each of the 60 organisations and individuals a copy of this ‘new’ document. Nor did it see fit (in April 2010 perhaps) to even write to all 60 of us to say that this new document existed.

Ealing Council Claims Existence of an LDF Document Which None of Us Can Find

‘Ealing 2026 Infrastructure Delivery Plan’ is perhaps the most interesting LDF document there is as it contains future land use details for social and community facilities including those for education, healthcare, law and order, sport, culture, transport, hotels, meeting rooms, community centres, playgrounds, and the elderly. But does the document exist? I can’t find anyone who has seen either a hard or soft copy of the document.  The Council’s LDF web page tells us all that the document was part of the 2009 LDF Core Strategy document set. This is incorrect – it wasn’t anywhere to be found in the document set.

Even more intriguing is that lots of us have tried to download this document from the Council’s LDF web page and we’ve all failed. However Ealing Council Cabinet appears to have approved the contents of the document at its 20 July 2010 Cabinet Meeting. I’ve asked Steve Barton – Ealing Council’s LDF Czar – three times for a copy of this document but I’ve failed to get even a reply from him never mind the document itself.

STOP PRESS!! – Update

After waiting for five minutes while it downloaded from the Council’s web site, I‘ve now managed to acquire this document. Over the next few days I’ll review where our new schools NHS Polyclinics and Police Stations are to be located and report back on this blog.’

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