Is drug dealing a problem in West Ealing? Tell us what you think.

The post on the Ealing Today website about blatant drug dealing on the streets of West Ealing has set us thinking again about how to tackle this problem. I’m told the CCTV cameras along the Uxbridge Road have simply pushed the drug dealing onto the side streets.

We’re interested to know what people  think so that we can take this up again with our local Safer Neighbourhood police teams.  Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts and experiences.


David Highton

2 Replies to “Is drug dealing a problem in West Ealing? Tell us what you think.”

  1. Drug dealing is always a problem, drugs and drug related crime damage families,livelihoods, health and welfare of the whole community – volunteering is an excellent way to combat the effects and provides diversion and alternatives. West Ealing specifically is increasingly poorly resourced community with less public provision and less support – colleagues are working to improve the neighbourhoods through Ealing Community Network – working in partnership a combination and balance between social action, welfare provision, law enforcement can assuage the more damaging aspects of drug dealing and misuse

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