Calling tree lovers – can you help look after newly planted trees in West Ealing?

One of the new trees in Melbourne Avenue

If you live in the West Ealing streets south of the Uxbridge Road you may have noticed new trees being planted in our streets. Apparently, each year one third of Ealing’s wards get new trees and this year is Walplole Ward’s turn.  In order to get the maximum benefit from the annual tree budget the Council has just launched a tree warden initiative. If we residents volunteer to become tree wardens and look after these new trees for their first few years then the money saved by not paying contractors to do this means all the budget can be spent on trees. One of the tree warden’s tasks will be to water the tree/s with 2 litres of water once a fortnight from May to October, so not too onerous. Speaking as a tree lover I’m all in favour of this. So, my wife and I will look after the new trees in our street.

If you’re interested in volunteering to become a tree warden these are the streets with new trees where tree wardens are needed:


Glenfield Rd – 1 tree

Melbourne Ave – 6 trees

Coldershaw Rd – 2 trees

Carew Rd – 1 tree

Westfield Rd – 11 trees

Northfield Ave – 1 tree

Disraeli Road – 3 trees

Everyone who volunteers to become a tree warden will get training and the person to contact is Susan Wyatt –


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