Leave our flowers alone! Flowers stolen from Melbourne Ave flowerbed

We managed to find some money from the SoundBite Festival budget to re-plant this flowerbed in Melbourne Ave to brighten up the area. All was well for a few weeks but one plant was stolen last week and then more plants have been stolen two nights in a row this week. Lots of people have said how much they enjoy the splash of colour and sit down for a few minutes to enjoy the flowers.

To try to deter further plants thefts I’ve put up this notice in the flowerbed:


 We hope you like these flowers but please leave them here for others to enjoy as well

The plants in this flowerbed have been paid for by local residents and we hope you enjoy this splash of colour that brightens up the street. Our thanks to Jeff’s Flowers for doing the planting and looking after the flowerbed for all of us to enjoy. Lots of people have told us how much better the street looks with this colourful flowerbed.

Sadly, we have had some plants stolen over the last few days. These plants don’t belong to Ealing Council but to the local residents. If many more get stolen all that will be left to look at will be a bare patch of earth.

And be aware that there is a CCTV camera right next to this flowerbed!


2 Replies to “Leave our flowers alone! Flowers stolen from Melbourne Ave flowerbed”

  1. How about some stealth replanting? I quite often buy something from Dean at Jeff’s so could sponsor an extra plant now and again and he prob wouldn’t mind planting it? If he keeps a ‘flowerbed fund’ going we could just lob in some change.

  2. I look at it every time I go past to see if people have dumped rubbish in it and at least it’s generally tidy. Sadly there are people who think it is their right to take what isn’t bolted down.

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