There’s been an increase in bike thefts so here are some ideas to keep your bike safe

There’s been an increase in bicycle thefts over the last few months and I had my bike stolen from our side alley a while back. I’d probably still have it if I had followed these simple steps from the Metropolitan Police and bought a D-lock and locked it to something secure.  Here’s their advice:

  • Always lock your bike even if you are just leaving it for a few minutes
  • Buy a good quality D-lock or combination lock
  • Lock your bike to something secure and immovable, such as a bicycle rack or a lamppost
  • When you leave your bike unattended lock both wheels and remove detachable items such as lights
  • Consider getting your bike frame securuty marked
  • At home keep your bike out of view in a secure shed and keep the door locked
  • Try to avoid leaving your bike in isolated places – leave and lock up your bike in public view where a potential thief can be seen


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  1. sorry to hear about your theft.

    We’re running a programme with Ealing council and selling locks for £20 off – so a silver standard D lock is £10, or a gold standard is £30 upwards. Other advice – use two locks, D lock and a cable!

    Drop by our workshop in Greenford or happy to do delivery in west Ealing.

    Ealing council are also doing a great scheme and selling anchor plates called Smiles for securing your bike to a fixed location.

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