The Grosvenor to become a gastro pub


I’m reliably informed that the recently closed Grosvenor pub will re-open as a gastro pub. If true, and I hope it is, this will be one heck of a transformation. I thought it would end up as housing but this sounds a very bold move on behalf of the new owners. The Grosvenor is some way off the high street in a residential area and has a lot of potential customers within a short walking distance – including me. I wish the new owners well and really hope they will succeed and transform what had become a run-down pub in to a thriving business that becomes a cherished part of our local community.

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  1. The new owners are Food and Fuel ( They appear to be young, accomplished and growing fast. The large Pizza Hut site across the road from Ealing Town Hall will open soon as ‘Maggie’s a Food and Fuel restaurant . The company have 12 pub/restaurant operations in London including ‘The Roebuck’ in Chiswick High Road and ‘The Prince of Wales’ by the Thames in Putney.

    Let’s hope the new owners renovate the fabulous 100 year old wood and stained glass heritage assets in ‘The Grosvenor’.

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