New business co-working hub coming to West Ealing

The Council has been successful in securing the funding to open a full-scale business hub in West Ealing.  It’s taken a while to get here.  I had some small involvement in the original feasibility study for a business co-working hub in West Ealing which was written and researched in 2013 by a group of people who, at the time, all worked/volunteered at OPEN Ealing. I think this is great news for West Ealing so congratulations to everyone involved in securing the money and good luck with getting the hub up and running by the autumn.  Here’s an extract from the latest newsletter from the Walpole Ward councillors:

‘The council has secured funding from the Mayor of London’s Regeneration Fund for a new business co-working hub that will open in the autumn and will offer a home for new and small businesses in St James Avenue, West Ealing. Businesses, social enterprises, homeworkers and self-employed will be able to rent desks and meeting rooms and network with each other. There may also be space for a crèche.

This follows a successful trial last year when the council set up a co-working space in a former insurance shop in West Ealing. This was known as Ealing Blueprint and was used by a wide variety of businesses and individuals during the 6 months of the trial.’

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      1. Many thanks, the Brand I represent really wants to bring some oputunitys to the area, growing up in the area and coming have seen a lot of changes and a lot of lacks in certain areas, we have an Online Radio Station that we want to bring to the Community,for the Community by the Community, were Worldwide listened but want the focus in the local area as well as the neighbouring ones, we can offer Courses / Various Musical Programs / Hairdressing Courses / Social Media Course / Webdesign + More. Would be great if we could arrange a meeting to discuss a few things see if anything could be arranged or how we could offer any assistance, many thanks again

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