Co-op replaces Morrisons in West Ealing



I missed exactly when this happened but the Morrisons store below The Gym on the Uxbridge Road has been taken over by the Co-op.  So that means both Morrisons in West Ealing have gone now.  The small one in the centre (which used to be Blockbusters) has been replaced by Bensons for Beds and now this second one has gone.  Seems like they made an ill thought out expansion and have paid the price for it.

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  1. I disagree with the bit about an ill-thought out expansion. I always thought it was part of their strategy to give themselves exposure in the market. If they hadn’t opened the shop in the old Blockbuster building I wouldn’t now consider them it an option to shop in the Ealing Broadway supermarket, the idea of which would have been on their radar at the time. I know Morrisons did aggressively expand nationwide to try and gain more of the supermarket market a few years ago, and with little success. But I think they gained themselves exposure in the West Ealing market by having both the relatively short-lived shops which subsequently became redundant. I hope the staff were all moved to other shops because I always found the staff good. And the little supermarkets did fill shop spaces with something useful and respectable which otherwise might have taken time to fill. The Cooperative is good to have for variety.

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