Part of West Ealing to become a Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Creating a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) for the area of West Ealing south of the Uxbridge Road was originally part of the TfL funded West Ealing Liveable Neighbourhood project. The bulk of this project has been put on hold but this one element has been picked out for inplementation now as a response to the Coronaviris crisis in order to help reduce traffic and encourage more walking and cycling.

The original area for this project was to be south of the Uxbridge Rd to Leighton Rd and bordered by Northfield Ave on the east and Grosvenor Rd to the west. This area looks set to be expanded further south at the very least.

The overall aim of an LTN is to reduce through traffic by a range of measures from bollards and width restrictions to planting, cycle bays and seating.

Options for the original West Ealing LTN were displayed at a public meeting at the Welshore Community Hub in December. These are likely to form the basis of this expanded LTN.

You can read more on the Council’s website.

6 Replies to “Part of West Ealing to become a Low Traffic Neighbourhood”

  1. This is a ridiculous plan. We have no problems with traffic on Loveday Road. I strongly object to this insensible proposal.
    These roads are extremely quiet and we have no issues with carbon emissions. I cycle and drive around neighbourhood roads and never witnessed flow of traffic.
    The council must improve the quality of our roads rather than creating chaos on our quiet roads.

  2. So glad I don’t live in Ealing any more. 20mph traffic everywhere. Roads closed and. The loss of some lovely shops. Too many flats, it’s really gone down hill

    1. Totally .inappropriate.Will cause Chaos within our borough and increase Traffic congestion on Northfield’s AVE and West Ealing Broadway.Will cause local people more Stress and Anguish by blocking roads off.This Should be Scrapped and money Spent on improving roads around the borough not blocking them off

  3. This is madness I’m a local builder born in Northfields went to little Ealing then elthorne
    I’m currently doing a small job at the end of hazelmere Avenue
    I couldn’t drive up them access wasn’t available from the opposite end
    This is only going to get worse
    I hope no one is going to get any building work done
    Because any delivery lorries will not be able to get to you

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