Barclays bank in West Ealing to close in October

Over the past few years one bank after another in West Ealing has closed. Now it’s the turn of Barclays. It is due to close on Friday 30th October. That will leave just the Post Office and Nationwide. Needless to say the reason for closure is the move to more and more online banking services. All very well, but I suspect quite a few people in West Ealing don’t use online banking. So, let’s hope there aren’t plans to close Nationwide and the Post Office.

2 Replies to “Barclays bank in West Ealing to close in October”

    So many people find it difficult to travel to Ealing Broadway just to go to the bank. Some people have to rely on others to take them to the bank on the bus when they are in wheelchairs. Not every body has online banking not everyone can do online banking.

  2. I agree with Marian.
    Not every one can do online banking. Not everyone can go to Ealing Broadway. And the increase in flats and residences means that it is more than necessary to keep West ealing available. Otherwise there are no banks for miles. Our local banking team know who we are. What the hell is happening to Ealing!

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