Possible west London ban on new homes as electricity grid is out of capacity

Interesting story in today’s papers about developers in Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow having been told it could take another 10 years before new homes can be connected to the electricity grid. According to the Greater London Authority one of the problems for west London is a series of planned date centres that use massive amounts of electricity. Apparently, one data centre can use as much power as 10,000 homes.

Later: In Monday’s (1st August) business pages there’s a story with more detailed information about the proliferation of data centres in west London. It seems about half on the country’s estimated 200 data centres are in the South East with a large number in the Reading to Ealing area. It goes on to say that there are seven outstanding applications for new data centres in Ealing.

So what next for planned developments in West Ealing such as on the old Woolworth’s site, the tower next to the new station, the Majestic Wine Warehouse site, Waitrose’s plans to build new homes on its site and so on?

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