19-storey tower proposed for Waitrose site

Following on from their initial consultation last summer, John Lewis have now put forward their more developed plans for redeveloping the Waitrose site in West Ealing in a new round of consultation. Yesterday afternoon was athe first of two open sessions for the public to view these more detailed plans. The second session is on Saturday morning (25th February) at West Ealing Library.

I dropped in to the first session and it was crowded with people so there is clearly a lot of interest in these plans. The stand out feature is probably the proposed 19-storey tower, one of four towers, which contribute many of the homes in the planned 430 homes for this site. The towers range from 10 to 19 storeys. if you are unable to get to Saturday morning’s viewing then you can find out the details on their special website.

The Ealing.News website has more useful information and, in particular, some questions from the Stop The Towers campaign with answers from a John Lewis spokesperson.

David Highton

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