West Ealing high street badly damaged in night of looting

I walked up to the West Ealing shopping centre about about 6.45am this morning to see rubbish and glass strewn everywhere. The main targets seem to have been banks and shops with goods that were deemed worth looting and that’s what it was – looting.

I couldn’t count the number of shops with smashed windows and one of my favourite shops, run by one of the nicest men in our community, Seba Electronics had had its shutter ripped down so the looters could get in and steal the goods.

I just hope that the looting isn’t the final straw that finishes off any of our local businesses. Times are more than tough enough without looting by people who don’t care about our neighbourhood or anyone’s else’s neighbourhood.

David Highton



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  1. I’ve been up pretty much all night. I could see car loads of masked and hooded men arriving for hours. Also younger men on bikes and on foot. With smoke billowing from nearby buildingsI was genuinely terrified last night incase my building also was set alight and I had to go out, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I couldn’t work out what was being looted when I could see men with bags, surely not their weeks worth of 5 a day, then as I saw people struggle to carry things and I heard about the Panasonic shop it became clear. Goods that couldn’t be carried far were dumped in the bins behind Iceland then cars arrived and collected the goods. It calmed down at around 3am, but there were still gangs running around at 4am, but by then the cars of looters had gone.

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